Friday, March 11, 2011


I own these pair of shoes in my closet called, "MISTAKES. they carry tears, pain, anger & blood. Life is about making mistakes over & over and learning from them. People are so quick to judge you when you've make a mistake and never realize that it takes time to grow from past experiences. sometimes i feel lost in myself..... if anyone could comprehend that? I realize im a soft person. Its weird when i try to act like a bitch because deep down i know that's not who i really am. I try to never judge anyone, or hurt anyone because i know what it feels like...humans are so impressionable, that lets me know how fake they really are. BUT me, I have no problem expressing my emotions & releasing my anger, whether others approve or not..behind every smile there is a struggle. So when someone judge me or confronts me about somethin i've done or said, i shake my head & laugh because they seem to forget they carry the same shoes somewhere in their closet. - ♥Cherry Pamela

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