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Strip Naked To The Real Me is a Non-fiction autobiography of my life thus far. I discuss the struggles i've been through, the highs and lows. Strip Naked is the journey of the times of my life. For once in my life i don't want to be private. I want to share with the world my story. I think this book is more of a motivational autobiography than just a story being told. I want to strip mentally & physically about the things i went through like the tormented relationship with my mother, the ways alcohol changed my father and how it affected me, the fake friends I've dealt with, the people i lost trust for, the relationships that changed me. I discuss it all. I decided to keep the unnecessary drama with the un-important people out of my book. I don't think i should give any exposure to negative people. Growing up was a difficult process for me. I'm constantly trying to find who i'am. I was a troubled child and basically was forced to grow up at an early age. i realized the more i grow older the more i become sedated. i think too much for my age and im always eager to learn new thinqs. i want to bare it all out! i went through many things in my life but instead of trying to be a victim i write about it and want to share it. i felt the only way to truly explain my story was to strip, not physically but mentally & emotionally. in my book you discover a lot about the real me. the process of writing my book is showing me who i really am as a human. some people may realize, wow she's just like me. i want people to feel a connection with me once they finish reading my book. i want my readers to read all my mistakes and know that i'am not perfect but maybe somewhere in the middle i can meet them half-way and help them with issues in their lives, especially girls who been through a hard love life and boys with family issues.

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True Colors is the 2nd book im workinq on. Its about a inter-racial relationship love triangle. Its a fiction story based on a girl name Jade. Jade is a 17 year old African American high school Junior whose family moves to Detroit from living in North Carolina, her hometown. Leaving all her childhood friends behind, she is forced to accept it. While everyone around her such as her little brother Cash and their father Terrence, acts as if moving didn't affect them, but Jade feel as if she is the only one who cares about leaving everything she once knew behind. As Jade is adjusting to her new life in Detroit she meets a boy. A white boy named Liam. Liam is 18 years old and a senior in high school. At first, she isnt interested in Liam but as they get to know each other, they fall. fall deeply in love. But Liam isn't the relationship type of guy. He is constantly battling between who he is and who he wants to be. Jade finds moving to Detroit wasn't such a bad idea now that she met Liam but Liam's old past comes to hunt him and he becomes everything a girl doesn't like in a guy, leaving Jade heart broken. Finally, when Liam comes around to be the change man for Jade, he meets another girl named Maya. Maya is a 16 year old Sophomore. Liam not only falls for Maya but he falls deeply in love. So now Liam is in love with two girls and is stuck between the two. Who will Liam Choose?.. You gotta wait to find out & see...

[i want my books to be bigger than the twilight saga lmbo]

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