About me

I'm in college and I am going to be a writer & an actress. I'm strong minded but Patience is something I lack. Most of my time is divided between work and school. School isn't my first priority though; I know that higher education opens up the way for more meaningful work and bigger money. Subconsciously, I am very perceptive at the most unnoticeable times. I love to laugh and it is easy to make me smile. Emotion is hard to hide on my face, but rarely am i emotional these days. I know what is worth caring about and what isn't. Physical beauty means nothing when a mind is empty.

I am not easily swayed by words anymore. I believe that with the right wording, one mouth alone could have the ability to trigger any thought or emotion. People shouldn't be so weak minded. So I know that words can often be coated with everything but the truth. A persons actions describe their real demeanor. Nowadays, my tolerance for ignorance is very low. I become intrigued by the rare beauty a mind can withhold. I love exchanging ideas with intelligent people. I hate it when I am questioned or challenged. However, I am more willing to listen and learn then to speak and teach.

i don't let people think i owe them anythinq, that puts me in a position of weakness. i can't stress enough the importance to surround myself with energy that support my goals. i refuse to accept other people's ideas of happiness for me. i respect everyone unless you give me a reason not to. My ruthless actions, my i don't give an "F" attitude, my imperfections are what makes me who i am. i am cherry, not to be confused with sherry. i embrace my flaws, all 10,000 of them.

it's great to never be completely happy or satisfied in life. i think it's impossible for me to really hold a grudge. Love is the epitome of disaster. i don't fall easy im too smart for that. i believe throughout this crazy & upside down world we find someone to turn that world right side up. one of these days im goinq to stop playinq wonder woman & remember i can't save the world. you let me down but im obligated to keep you on your toes.

i write what i feel because to speak won't be speakinq at all. i hate wen girls put their private lives on facebook, ahem! lol {im learninq to not fall into that category} ..idk why but i lean towards boys than i do girls. i learn more from a critique better than a compliment. Life isn't about findinq yourself, it's about creatinq yourself & im tryinq to create a masterpiece, growinq up in a world so jaded..

I don't smoke or drink mainly for an internal rule that I keep. I do not want any single thing or practice to have the potential to alter the chances of my further success.I think that within one meeting, I could keep one laughing and interested. Laughter is golden. I love to network. I'm not a grown up, but I've grown up a lot. I have learned many lessons and I'm learning all the time. In one way or another God reminds me I'm here for some purpose; and sometimes i remind him. this right here is the real Cherry Pamela! someone people think they know but i carry much more value than two people put together.

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