Friday, March 11, 2011


Farewell Miami! Hello New York :)

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I've decided i want to move to New York, between now & the Summer. Starting over is so hard but i NEED this. A brand new environment, city, state, & people. Its just what i need. Me & my friend [practically sisters] are packing our shit & leaving the fuck out of here lol...We even want to do little episodes of our New York adventures called. C'est La Vie. Our mini version of, The Hills and upload them on youtube lol. Be on the look out! New York is the State that make things happen, i wish to continue to model, fashion modeling, take acting classes & Publish my books. Fingers Cross. As long as i keep God in the mix, i will be just fine. ;)

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We plan to attend a performing arts university to further our acting careers.


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